Thoroughbreds Will Take The Spotlight at Plantation Field

Cross Country at Burghley

Thoroughbred racehorses can excel in all sorts of second careers after they leave the track, but some would say they are most popular as mounts for the sport of eventing. The speed and bravery of the Thoroughbred make these horses the perfect choice for jumping cross country, and these equine athletes will get a chance to shine at this year’s Plantation Field International 3 Day Event.

This year, Plantation Field is partnering with the Retired Racehorse Project to put Thoroughbred horses in the spotlight and promote them as eventing prospects. Ex-racehorses available for adoption will be showcased during the event, and off-track Thoroughbreds who have made the successful switch to competitive event horses will also strut their stuff for spectators at Plantation. Some of the horses showcased will also be available for purchase at the Thoroughbred Makeover event being held just three weeks afterwards in Lexington, KY.

The event’s organizers hope that it will be a bridge between the Thoroughbred racing and eventing worlds, bringing together fans of two very different sports that both love and appreciate the same wonderful equine athletes. For more information on Plantation Field International and the Retired Racehorse Project, visit:

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