Think Fall Is Too Late To Shop For A PA Horse Farm? Think Again!


Spring and summer are often touted as the best time of year to buy real estate. The weather is warm, trees and landscaping are at their peak, and families are on vacation from school and taking time off work, giving them the opportunity to move before ‘real life’ kicks into gear again in September. By the time the leaves start to change, many buyers resolve to quit their home search and start again in the new year. But is that really the wisest choice?

Searching for a PA horse farm in the fall has several advantages, the biggest one being that sellers who have had their homes on the market since the spring are much more willing to reduce the price or accept a lower offer. If a horse property has been listed for months already without being sold, many sellers are more flexible and open to a lower asking price than what they started with. In autumn, many people are also anxious to get moved into a new home before the holidays begin, and sellers may be willing to negotiate if it means a quick settlement.

In the fall, you’ll also face less competition from other buyers. With school in full swing and the holidays looming in the near future, many homebuyers decide to table their search until the end of year craziness is all over. Your real estate agent, as well as other support professionals like mortgage brokers and attorneys, will also be less busy than they were in the thick of the spring and summer season, giving them more time to provide you with personal attention.

In addition to the obvious, you can also reap potential tax benefits if you end up purchasing a PA horse property before the end of the year. Expenses like closing costs and property tax might be deductible – ask your accountant about the tax advantages of purchasing a home this fall!

While you may be tempted to forego your home search until next spring, there are lots of good reasons to keep on looking throughout the fall. Less competition, the potential for lower prices, and possible tax benefits can all make searching for a home in the fall a good choice!

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